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   Community Service Activities


Neighborhood Walk

At The Fulton Boys & Girls Club in Evansville LEADers took a group of cub/cadets around the local neighborhood and showed examples of the pressures to use alcohol and tobacco. LEADers had members start picking out pressures during the walk.  Leaders prior to the walk participated in VOICE training at the Dream Center.

Prevention: After the neighborhood walk, LEADers discussed with their groups the different ways to refuse the pressures and temptations of alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

High School Smoke Out

Youth LEADers at The Boys & Girls Club in Huntington facilitated “Let’s Make a Deal” and “Realities of Resistance” activities with two freshman Life Skills classes at the local high school.

Prevention: After the activities, youth went around the high school campus and collected cigarette butts to show to the school board that there is smoking taking place at the high school to advocate for policy change.

Girls Time

At The Boys & Girls Club in Evansville, the LEADers decided to host a time for the girls to have a nail painting party.

Prevention: Before any of the girls were able to paint their nails, the LEADers discussed and demonstrated four different Resistance & Refusal skills.

Kick Butts Day

The youth at the Lilly Boys & Girls Club planned a tobacco awareness program where peers were educated that every day 28 people die in Indiana from tobacco related illnesses. The program use utilized 28 members to wear 28 handmade t-shirts with anti-tobacco facts in their neighborhoods and at other Boys & Girls Clubs.

Prevention: The program gave the youth an opportunity to advocate to their peers within the community to provide information in order to encourage ATOD free communities and encourage unison.


At The Boys & Girls Club in Franklin, older club members facilitated TOBACCO Bingo for other members, especially those who were younger in age.

Prevention: The older members advocating learning about tobacco to the younger club members though a game was a good opportunity to help facilitate the transfer of knowledge and to learn about advocacy.

Chalk Walk for Homelessness Awareness

The Boys & Girls Club in Michigan City facilitated a chalk walk to increase the public’s awareness of how great of a problem homelessness is within our own communities.

Prevention: At the beginning of the Chalk Walk, youth LEADers spoke with their peers about what advocacy is, and how it is important to advocate for a cause such as having ATOD free communities.

Real –vs- Perceived Facts about ATOD

The youth at The Boys & Girls Club in Harrison County put up flyers and posters around their club with real facts about alcohol and tobacco. LEADers discussed with club members the real facts –vs- perceived knowledge about smoking and using alcohol.

Prevention: Posters and flyers were made by club members with facts and statistics and placed around their club as Normative Education.  

Big Tobacco Video

At The Boys and Girls Club in Fort Wayne, the “Big Tobacco Video” was shown to teens to help make the youth aware of the Big Tobacco companies and how they target adolescents to use their tobacco products.

Prevention:  Showing this video was  a piece of Normative Education to help advocate for teens to use Refusal & Resistance skills when being presented with tobacco advertisement.  

Prevention Family Night

The youth at the Keenan-Stahl Boys & Girls Club held a Prevention Family Night, where discussions were held about ATOD use amongst families and friends. Teens were surveyed using the Advocacy Quiz and the Majority Rules Quiz.

Prevention: One of the LEADers facilitated the meeting, and taught others the meaning of Advocacy and Majority Rules. The teen LEADers shared personal stories of how they used advocacy in their own lives and when they have seen majority rules implemented in real life situations.

Boys & Girls Club of Huntington:

LEADers wrote letters to local council members noting the increased use of prescription drugs by youth in the community.

Prevention: Before the writing of the letters, LEADers led a Normative Education exercise with teens in the club.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis – LeGore:

LEADers created a PowerPoint to show the effects of drinking with the holiday season approaching. The slide show showed the negative effects of drinking.  Since it was the holiday season, the LEADers highlighting how to handle peer pressure.

Prevention: Refusal/Resistance Skills were reviewed as was of dealing with peer pressure. 

Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis – Lilly:

Assessed community needs and gathered information to plan an event to create awareness around these needs. Following the assessment, they started a grant proposal for the Youth as Resources United Way program.

Prevention: LEADers assessed their community, created an event plan, and worked on a grant proposal.  Needs assessed included drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, and low graduation rates.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Porter County – South Haven:

The Club promoted the “Just Say Yes” blood drive event. The LEADers discussed that you can save a life by giving blood, but you cannot give blood when taking drugs or alcohol. They promoted this for the entire month and asked adults to participate.

Prevention: Through their discussions they stated the importance of living a drug and alcohol free life in order to do things to give back, like donating blood.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Porter County – Valparaiso:

The LEADers created a Spring Break week that promoted being healthy that included: staying active, eating right, and saying no to drugs and alcohol. This week included a Health Fair, Anti-Bulling Program, fitness activities, pledging to be drug free and eating healthy. Their slogan for the week was: "Get Fit and Don't Do Drugs!

Prevention: Pledge To Be Drug Free!  The LEADers talked to their peers about the dangers of Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) and why it is important to stay drug free.  Then they painted their hands, and on a big sheet of paper/poster they printed their handprint on it. On the poster it said, "Pledge To Be Drug Free For Life".

Girls Inc. of Franklin/Johnson County:

The L.E.A.D. Girls talked about how stress affects them and what to do to relieve stress instead of using drugs and alcohol.  To advocate for healthy ways of dealing with stress, the LEADers led an activity for their peers where they made paper dolls and circled the body where stress affects them the most.

Prevention: They talked about how alcohol and drugs can negatively affect the body.  Girls were encouraged to share these facts with peers.

The Starke County Youth Club:

The LEADers initiated a "Chalk Walk" where they filled a sidewalk used by students at the school with Refusal and Resistance techniques and drawings.  It also focused on Red Ribbon Week.

Prevention: The Chalk Walk highlighted Refusal and Resistance skills.

The Starke County Youth Club:

During the month of February, the LEADers and their peers wrote on note cards for their teachers and shared about the importance of not smoking, especially avoiding smoking around children.  They advocated for a smoke free school campus and for the rules to be followed.

Prevention: Prior to writing their messages, the LEADers talked with their peers about what Advocacy was and why it is important to advocate for a cause like having a smoke free school campus.

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