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Standardizing and evaluating the "presenter" Variable in the Peer vs. Adult Debate in Youth Drug Prevention Research
Abstract: A “train the trainer” workshop was developed to evaluate and enhance presentational skills and offered to 14 youth in grades 6-12 and 9 administrators from youth-focused community agencies in Indiana. Upon workshop completion, 7 youth and 6 adults functioned as presenters of a 1 1/2–hour module on refusal and resistance skills to 95 youth enrolled in after-school programs. Attendees completed a 5-item survey of perceived training effectiveness, and 12-item measure of perceived trainer effectiveness. Findings indicated: (1) Both youth and adult train-the-trainer workshop participants demonstrated significant presentational competence gains and (2) trained presenters (both peer and adult) using standardized materials and delivery received consistently favorable evaluations. Access the entire article here.