Community Service Activities

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Community Service Activities

Nursing Home Visit

The youth at The Boys & Girls Club in Evansville took a trip once a month to a local nursing home where LEADers and members would play games and conduct activities with the residents.

Prevention: Team LEADers encouraged members to participate in positive and healthy activities instead of using ATOD. This was a positive experience that helped the youth see the benefits of helping others.

Food Pantry

At the Boys & Girls Club in Harrison County, LEADers donated can goods to a local pantry.

Prevention: LEADers facilitated a skit about refusing drugs, alcohol and tobacco to help others learn to utilize Refusal & Resistance techniques.

Renovation for a Room

The youth at the Lilly Boys & Girls Club researched the need, process and materials of how to renovate a room within their club to be utilized for programs that facilitate community services projects. The room will be used for programs about drug resistance, self-efficacy, and to host guest speakers.

Prevention: LEADers encouraged positive interactions within each other and within their community club to facilitate the creation of a space to spread the word about drug resistance.

Clothing Drive for Hurricane Sandy Victims

The youth at the Boys & Girls Club in Fort Wayne conducted a clothing drive to collect and sort clothing to be donated to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Prevention: Youth participated in a ‘Majority Rules’ activity, where they learned that the majority doing the right thing together will outweigh those who would try and persuade them to become involved in high-risk behaviors.

Food Drive for a Shelter

Youth at the Boys & Girls Club of Huntington County put together a food drive that facilitated gathering non-perishable items to give to a shelter that helped house people who are recovering from addictions.

Prevention: Refusal and Resistance trainings and activities were used to help teach the youth how to prevent the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The food drive was beneficial as it taught the youth how to take care of themselves as well as others.

Meal Delivery Service

At the First Tee of Hammond, youth partnered with Legacy’s Youth in Philanthropy to help deliver Meals on Wheels to members of the local community.

Prevention: Youth members talked about the importance of keeping one’s body healthy, by eating healthy and avoiding unhealthy things such as alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Park and Neighborhood Clean-Up

At the Boys & Girls Club in Michigan City, youth went around their neighborhood and to local parks to help remove any tobacco and alcohol ads to help ensure that other youth in the neighborhood and local parks would not be persuaded to use alcohol and tobacco.

Prevention: LEADers reviewed Refusal & Resistance Skills with their peers as way to Turn Their Backs Away From Drugs.

Community Christmas Celebration

At the Lide White Memorial Boys & Girls Club, teen LEADers helped younger children make decorations for their club and homes, and helped write letters to Santa Clause.

Prevention: Teen LEADers talked about and helped spread the word about drug use prevention to other members at their club.

Family Drug Prevention Night

At the Lide White Memorial Boys & Girls Club, The Normative Education and Majority Rules quizzes were given to teens about ATOD use, awareness and prevention. Teen LEADers helped set up and participated in the event.

Prevention: Teen LEADers helped facilitate awareness about alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, awareness and prevention to other members at their club.


At the main Boys & Girls Club in Evansville, LEADers ran a “Say No to Tobacco” booth at the carnival. LEADers asked questions about tobacco and tobacco use, and if participants answered correctly, they were allowed a chance to win a prize.

Prevention: The LEADers took turns asking questions about tobacco and tobacco use, and facilitated the use of Refusal and Resistance skills.

Great American Smokeout

At The Boys & Girls Club in Evansville, Fulton Square LEADers discussed the dangers of tobacco use, including smoking and smokeless tobacco products.

Prevention: LEADers, after discussing the dangers of tobacco products, facilitated group work to make posters around their club to promote tobacco prevention in their club.

Halloween Carnival

At the Boys & Girls Club in Evansville, Fulton Square LEADers asked participants that came to the Halloween Carnival questions related to tobacco use and then gave participants a chance to win prizes. LEAD members also ran a “SAY NO” to tobacco booth at the carnival.

Prevention: LEADers, facilitated discussions at the “SAY NO” booth to promote Refusal and Resistance techniques. LEADers helped provide information about tobacco use to promote tobacco prevention within the community.

Boys & Girls Club of Huntington:

Cleaned up local parks including picking up trash, removing graffiti and pouring mulch.

Prevention:  After each session the LEADers discussed different ways to say no to peer pressure using one of the Refusal and Resistance techniques.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis – LeGore:

The L.E.A.D. group gathered other club members to create holiday cards to deliver to a nursing home.

Prevention:  LEADers talked about the importance of properly using prescription drugs and the harmful effects they can have on you if you take them incorrectly.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis – LeGore:

The LEADers took charge of planning a Community Garden.  They helped with the planning of a garden that they will eventually use to help prepare meals. They picked what they would like to grow and what they could cook with it. They each got an area to take care of.

Prevention: They talked about the importance of eating healthy and how to take care of our bodies. The LEADers talked about keeping our bodies healthy and not putting unhealthy things in our bodies like ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs). 

Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis – Lilly:

Volunteered at the "Day for Kids" celebration at the Lilly Boys & Girls Club.

Prevention: LEADers encouraged family time and the importance of going to school, specifically highlighting positive things to do instead of using drugs.

Boys & Girls Clubs of NWI – Cedar Lake:

Food Collection for the Homeless while picking up "alcohol and tobacco" related litter.  During this event, the LEADers used the umbrella of food collection for the homeless as a way to inform their peers about Refusal and Resistance. 

Prevention: When they would come across litter on the street that either dealt with alcohol or tobacco, the LEADers would speak upon Refusal and Resistance Skills.  It was a beneficial event that both enlightened the youth about helping others and themselves.

Boys & Girls Clubs of NWI – Lake Station:

Walked around to different areas in the community picking up trash, cigarette butts, and empty alcohol bottles.

Prevention:  Discussed how to "Refuse/Resist" starting these negative habits.  Used the cigarette butts and empty alcohol bottles in the discussion.

Boys & Girls Clubs of NWI – Merrillville:

L.E.A.D. youth collaborated with the school and encouraged their peers to wear their shirts backwards as a reminder to turn their backs away from drugs.

Prevention: LEADers reviewed Refusal/Resistance Skills with their peers as way to Turn Their Backs Away From Drugs.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Porter County – Valparaiso:

The L.E.A.D. members created a haunted room for the club members and families.  The ways in which drinking and driving kills was the theme the youth used when creating the room.

Prevention: In this haunted house the L.E.A.D. members created signs and posters of skills on how to refuse and resist drugs and drinking.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Porter County – Valparaiso:

Blood Drive at Valparaiso Boys and Girls Club.  The L.E.A.D. members helped the Red Cross by passing out drinks and food to the donors.  The members also were able to keep the donors company by talking to them.

Prevention: While volunteering, the L.E.A.D. members explained what L.E.A.D. was and how they are leaders to teach other youth about the effects of alcohol, drugs and tobacco.

Decatur County Family YMCA:

Held a Halloween Carnival where LEADers provided a free and safe carnival for the community. The LEADers ran game booths and handed out candy.

Prevention:  The candy that was handed out had drug free messages on them.

Lyn Treece Boys & Girls Clubs of Tippecanoe County:

Trash Clean Up - collecting all cigarette butts in a jar to show the kids how many are found just in the Club's neighborhood alone.

Prevention: LEADers did a Normative Education activity.

The Starke County Youth Club:

The LEADers hosted a family BINGO night that featured Smoking Cessation/Tobacco Free facts that they researched and came up with. These facts were shared throughout the family night. Prizes for the winning families/participants were stay healthy items.

Prevention:  Majority Rules facts were key to family BINGO game.