Philanthropic Activities

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Community Service Activities

Drug Prevention Day

At The Lilly Boys & Girls Club in Indianapolis, youth LEADers planned a drug prevention day at a local homeless shelter.

Prevention: Youth LEADers set up drug free games such as Jeopardy with other youth at the shelter. The youth also created artwork promoting being drug free to bring and display during the club’s Drug Prevention Day.

Neighbors in Need

At The Boys & Girls Club of Huntington, youth LEADers came together and helped raise money and collect donated goods to give to the victims of an apartment building fire in their local community.

Prevention: Youth LEADers facilitated activities on Refusal & Resistance skills to the children who lived in the apartment building that had burned down.

Basketball for Baby

The youth LEADers at The Boys & Girls Club in Fort Wayne in conjunction with club members held a basketball game for charity. All of the money that was donated to the charity basketball game was given to a club alumni’s newborn baby who was born with heart complications.

Prevention: Normative education was provided by the peer LEADers to other club members about the dangers of ATOD use, and that living a healthy lifestyle including engaging in activities such as sports are a much lower risk that addictions and drug use.

Aluminum Can Collection for Membership

The LEADers at The Fulton Boys & Girls Club in Evansville came together and started collecting aluminum cans from their clubs or homes and turned them in to collect money to help offset membership fees for new/renewed memberships to their club.

Prevention: LEADers worked with other club members to come up with posters to place around their club with art depicting cigarettes and the dangers of smoking. LEADers also worked with other club members to help educate them by looking up statistics of the dangers of smoking and using tobacco.


Strategic Salsa

The youth LEAD members at The Lide White Memorial Boys & Girls club came together and donated their time to the cooking club to make salsa.

Prevention: While making the labels for the salsa during cooking class, Refusal & Resistance skills were discussed amongst members and printed onto the labels to be attached to the salsa jars which were sold to others within the community.

Parent Education Night

The youth LEADers at The Lilly Boys & Girls Club in Indianapolis held a Parent Education Night with a guest speaker from the Ruth Lilly Center speaking to families about drug prevention. Several activities were conducted during Parent Education Night. Firstly, the teen room at the club was transformed into an obstacle course that participants competed in wearing goggles that impaired their vision to emulate the impacts of drugs and alcohol. Secondly, using a programmable game, Jeopardy was played, with questions centered on ATOD use.  

Prevention: Using games and activities that involve parents and youth show that if you can abstain from Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD), one can use your time for the benefit of others, such as putting on a night full of healthy fun.

Concession Stand Messages

At The Boys & Girls Club in Fort Wayne, youth LEADers opened up a Keystone concession stand and members promoted a drug free message with signs and posters that stated the effects of smoking.

Prevention: Providing normative education through healthy choices and activities.

Raising Money for Local Charities

The youth LEADers at The Boys & Girls Club of Huntington raised money for the Huntington House.

Prevention: After the charity was finished, Refusal & Resistance activity was conducted with younger members.

Toy Drive for HeadStart Programs

The youth at The First Tee of Hammond came together and facilitated a toy drive during the winter holidays.

Prevention: All toys were donated to the local HeadStart program for young children. This activity taught the youth how to become involved in the community as to give back to those who are in need, such as the younger kids during the holiday season, rather than being involved in high-risk behaviors during school breaks.

Christmas Store and Canned Food Drive:

LEADers at the main Boys & Girls Club in Evansville helped promote and collect non-perishable canned food items. Youth LEADers also assisted in sorting, setting up, and cleaning the Christmas Store. LEADers were placed in charge of collecting donations from other members and keeping record of all monies.

Prevention: All non-perishable canned food items were donated to a local charity. The impact of donating food during the holidays was enlightening for Youth LEADers.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne:

LEADers conducted a clothing and canned food drive for a local shelter.

Prevention: LEADers discussed with their peers the impact of addiction on one's life.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne – Brookmill:

L.E.A.D. youth organized a pie in the face contest where they collected money from parents and club members to throw pies in different staff members' faces.  The money collected will benefit a local family that was battling a severe illness.

Girls Inc. of Franklin/Johnson County:

The L.E.A.D. girls started making Recycled Jewelry. The girls have been collecting items to make jewelry to sell at local stores. The money raised will assist different programs for those in need.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis – LeGore:

L.E.A.D. youth helped to create a garden for the club. The youth will use the fruit and vegetables to create healthy fresh snacks. They helped with the preparing, selecting and planting of the garden. The LEADers talked about the importance of a healthy diet for a healthy lifestyle. It is an ongoing process that requires the members to water and pick the food when it is ready. The hope is continue to grow the garden over the years, taking any extra food home for their families, and for the members to go home and create gardens at home.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis – LeGore:

The LEADers raised money and collected school supplies and hygiene products for tornado victims in southern Indiana. They created signs and helped recruit other members to donate.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis – Lilly:

Members hosted a car wash.

Prevention: All proceeds raised were given to a local domestic violence center. Members presented the money to center staff, toured the facility, and learned about the dangers of domestic abuse and how domestic abuse occurs most often when substance abuse is present.

Boys & Girls Clubs of NWI – Cedar Lake:

Initiated a Toy Drive collecting toys for the St. Jude House.

Prevention: Using games and videos to show that if you can abstain from Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD), one can use your time for the benefit of others, such as putting on a large toy drive.

Boys & Girls Clubs of NWI – Cedar Lake:

L.E.A.D. youth held a blanket drive in the months of February and early March for the Lake County Animal Shelter.  The LEADers and peers delivered the blankets to the shelter and were given a tour through the facility and met some of the animals.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Porter County – South Haven:

The LEADers hosted a dance that required everyone to bring a canned good to enter.  During the dance, the DJ make announcements about it being the "Great American Smoke Out!" and the dangers of smoking tobacco. The LEADers gave the food collected to the local food pantry, also sharing with them what the "Great American Smoke Out!" Dance stood for and encompassed.

Prevention: Refusal and Resistance skills were announced during the dance, as well as Normative Education facts and statistics about smoking.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Porter County – South Haven:

The L.E.A.D. group volunteered to ring the bell for the Salvation Army all day at Al's Supermarket. They also posted a sign asking everyone not to smoke outside the store, after getting approval from the manager.

Prevention: The L.E.A.D. sign advised everyone not to smoke because of the dangers it brings to your health that may lead to death.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Porter County – Valparaiso:

The LEADers helped raise money and donations for the Animal Shelter in Porter County, Indiana. They raised money by making and selling candy grams to other club members and their parents.  They got the word out to the club by creating flyers about helping the animal shelter. They also made a donations jar for people that were stopping in who would like to join the cause and give to the animal shelter. They handed out the candy grams at the Valentines Day Party, which L.E.A.D. prepared. They also received donations from Club Staff and donated items that the animal shelter was in great need of.  The LEADers then were able to go and give the donations to the animal shelter themselves.  They were so grateful to be a part of such a great cause.

Prevention: For the Valentine’s Day Party, the LEADers wanted to present the movie “Rango”. In “Rango.” there is drinking and smoking, and when that part came up, LEADers and their peers were to boo at the movie and give a thumbs down. Before and after the movie they came up with different resistance skills and talked about how important they are to know.

Decatur County Family YMCA:

The LEADers held a Cheer Fund fundraiser at their local High School where they raised money for needy families in the community. Each grade formed a team and had a penny war. Whatever grade had the most money had their teacher dress up like Santa Claus.

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