Empowering Teenagers To Make Right Choice

The society has made the mind of young people stereotypic when it comes to career choices.  They have been deceived to make career decisions based on the popular opinion and not from their innate potentials after self-discovery. This has however led to frustrated adult who become extra burden to the socio-economic development of the community. Meanwhile, teenage pregnancy, STDs and HIV/AIDS among young people is a result of their inability to get informed with the consequence of sexual exposure. They get sexual encounter early in life even before knowing what sex is all about which has therefore thwarted their ambition and many gave up admitting it to fate. Gender RIDE, is therefore working with young people to get them informed early before become a victim.

Gender RIDE is a high school project that focused on sensitizing students on sexual education, career education, sexual reproductive health and right (most especially female students) in school at both rural, peri-urban and urban communities. This project enlightens students by providing them a sense of responsibility to their Personal hygiene and a fore knowledge of the consequences of youthful substance abuse. The RIDE an acronym which means Responsive Informed Decisive and Empowered.

One benefit this project provide is DIRECT PEER-MENTORING and GROUP MENTORING. This therefore provide vulnerable students an opportunity to express themselves and the challenges they faced.