Equipping youths with tools for creating sustainable enterprise

According to Bloomberg a reputable global economic media agency, unemployment rate in Nigeria currently stood at 33% ( This however is a threat to our all-round development as a nation ( To therefore escape from the stigma of being unemployed, youths are desperately learning skills out of frustration and not from need or problem solving point of view because our educational curriculum has failed to set them on the this path.

In the bid to change this narrative and ensure that Nigerian youths are getting skilled with problem solving minds set, Lead Transformation Initiative (LTI) introduced project Sustainable Development Bootcamp to expose youths starting from Ondo State to the creative process of Ideation that leads to need necessitated Incubation and Enterprise Development with sustainable impacts in the rural and urban communities of the state.

The Sustainable Development Bootcamp (SDB) is a six months transformative training program that comprises of two parts: the in-class and the hands-on.

At the In-class participants are trained on Idea generation, System and Design Thinking, Problem Analysis, Projects Development, Business Development, Market Development, Business Plan/Proposal Writing, Sustainable Development Goals among others and are also exposed to global opportunities. These modules are designed to equip the participating youths with critical thinking tools that will make them to become motivated to enthusiastically go for practical skills that aligned with their respective area of problem identified be it Agriculture, ICT, Fashion, Leather works, Education among others.

The Hands-on component of the SDB ensure that the motivated youths who have been equipped with problem solving skills and have already developed creative ideas are now ready to learn practical skills to for further development. The enthusiasm will drive them to incubation where participants will have the option of getting trained practically on either: Animal Husbandry, Crop production, Data Analysis, Programming, Fashion Designing, Leather works, Auto mechanics, Electrical works, Culinary etc.